How to Increase Profit on Frameless Shower Door Installs

How to increase profit on frameless shower door installs

Failing to make a profit is something business owners don’t want to experience. If your business is struggling to make profits, or if you want to ensure that your profits continue to grow in an upward direction year after year, then you need to keep up with the current trends and technology. 

STILLMORE LLC has a way to immediately save you time, money and save your installers a lot of aggravation! Go to their site at and learn about the SWEEPSAVER® and how it will immediately save you time on the job, payroll and material waste. Plus you will avoid those dreaded calls from your customer asking for a “callback”. The SWEEPSAVER® gets the height right, without the fight! work smarter, not harder! Order your SWEEPSAVER® tool(s) today and you’ll be on your way towards increasing profits with every sweep!

How would a frameless shower door install tool increase your profits?

Normally, adjusting the height of the sweep on a custom heavy shower door is a two-man job.  One man gets something long and flat to use as a straight edge and holds it in place while the other man tries to cut the legs of the sweep, one at a time, a very awkward task at best. It rarely, if ever, comes out straight or even between both legs and occasionally, has to be recut using another piece of sweep and another 30 minutes or so. The SWEEPSAVER® eliminates the need for two people working on the same task, and while serving as an inline plane, the SWEEPSAVER® is operated with one hand making a perfect and precise cut with each swipe in less than 3 seconds!  That’s right…LESS THAN 3 SECONDS!

How’s that for savings?  Order yours today and start saving, your profit margin is waiting!


SWEEPSAVER® gets the height right without the fight 

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