How to Avoid “Callbacks” on Heavy Glass Shower Door Installs

Customer: "Why is my new heavy glass shower door installation leaking and squeaking!"    

An unsatisfied customer is calling about their shower door installation that your team just finished earlier that day. You’re tired and you think to yourself, ‘do they even know how to use a shower door?’ But you don’t say that out loud. You love your customers and you are here to serve them. So you listen to their concern about their shower door leaking and squeaking and you promise to make it right.

You get off the phone and you head over to talk to your team. They swear they double checked everything and they can’t see how there could be any issue. But this isn’t the first callback you’ve received like this and although you’d rather blame the manufacturers, tilers, contractors and everyone else under the sun you also wonder how to stop getting these calls.

You may not be completely wrong. Someone else could have mucked up something else along the way and screwed up the final measurements. But there is a way you can compensate for everyone else's shortcomings by cutting the bottom water sweep.

We know, it sounds too simple to be true but we've done the research, listened to manufacturers and spoken with glass shop owners from around the country, we also have four decades of experience under our belts.  

A Properly Cut Shower Door Seal Can...

  • Stop leaks (if bottom seal is too short)
  • Stop squeaks (if bottom seal is too long)
  • Stop both problems (if the seal is cut unevenly or the sill is 6" instead of 3")

Get the height right without a fight (or callbacks) with the SWEEPSAVER®

A user-friendly and effective tool, the SWEEPSAVER®, will eliminate the human-error on the job when it comes to cutting or ignoring the length of the bottom seal on a heavy shower door installation. Investing in a SWEEPSAVER® will pay for itself the first time you use it by simply preventing a callback. Less callbacks equal more happy customers. And who doesn’t want a happy customer on an expensive custom shower door installation? The company guarantees that it’s so easy you can do it in a Hawaiian shirt.

Other Alternatives to Fixing Your Heavy Glass Shower Door Installation Problem

  • Buy your client earplugs to eliminate the squeak.
  • Offer your client a new bath mat to soak up the leak.
  • Send your team back out with a safety razor, a shim and a replacement seal to see if they can get the height right this time around.

Or you can just do it right the first-time and make sure your toolbox has a SWEEPSAVER® in it for every installation job. 

About the SWEEPSAVER® 

The SWEEPSAVER® will significantly reduce callbacks associated with sweep drag and leaking due to an improperly fit water diverter.  With six different cutting options in 1/16” increments you really can’t get it wrong.  

SWEEPSAVER®…the only tool designed to cut soft-leg water diverters and sweeps and the answer to the majority of your callback nightmares!  

Visit to find out more on how to use and order your SWEEPSAVER® today!