Do you have the right glazier tools for a shower install?

Welcome to your guide to building the ultimate glazier shower toolbox. Some of the items below can be found in most generic toolboxes, others are more specific to shower door installations. We have also included necessary sizes and a few pro tips we have picked up over the decades. 

Glazier Shower Tools for the Ultimate Toolbox:

1. The SWEEPSAVER®: A must-have addition to your glazier shower tool collection. Recently released on the market, this durable and lightweight tool makes cutting soft-leg sweeps a breeze without the hassle. It has six different cutting options in 1/16" increments ensuring your diverter is the correct height which will reduce call-backs associated with sweep drag and leaks. 


2. Tape measure 

3. Levels (2', 4' and 6')

4. Lasers (2 point and 5 point)

5. Pencils

6. Pencil sharpener

7. Masking tape

8. Plumb/level gauges

9. Razor blades #12

10. Safety glasses

11. Ear protection

12. Denatured alcohol

13. Disposable paper towels

14. Caulking gun

15. Extra caulking tips

16. Toilet paper (for caulk 1-time use, for messy caulk tip)

17. Plastic paddle

18. Cordless drill

19. Metal drill bits: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4", #2 and #3 Phillips tip

20. Hammer drill: 3/16” carbide bit and  ¼” carbide bit

21. Plastic anchors or sleeves

22. Hammer

23. Chop saw

24. 6’ Extension cord

25. Allen-wrench set

26. Automatic center punch

27. Adjustable try square

28. Side cutters

29. Loctite

30. Hack saw

31. Flat file

32. Rat tail file

33. Clear plastic blocks: 1/16” and 1/8”

34. Suction cups


SWEEPSAVER® gets the height right without the fight 

Visit to find out more on how to use and order your SweepSaver® today!