How to Install A Shower Door Soft-Leg Water Sweep

What is a shower door bottom seal, sweep and wipe?

A shower door bottom sweep is the horizontal vinyl strip that goes on the bottom of the shower door and keeps the water in with the soft-leg bottom sweep.

How to install a shower door soft-leg water sweep
      1. Measure the shower door and cut the shower door bottom wipe to the door length.
      2. Clip the corners of the wipe, both right and left directional edges of the water sweep. This will allow the door to open in and out.
      3. Start at the hinge side of the door, with the shower door bottom sweep channel facing up, slightly angle the sweep to the corner of the door and ease the sweep along the bottom of door - light but firm force may need to be used.
      4. If the sweep goes past the door glass you will need to repeat steps 1-3.
      5. Once at a desired length and attached to the door, open and close the door. If you have resistance between the sill and bottom sweep, remove the sweep from the bottom of the door, place it on the side edge of the door. This will help you with leverage when you make a cut. The quickest and most efficient way to cut the shower door bottom sweep is with the patented SWEEPSAVER®.
      6. Place a single edge razor, preferably a #12, into your SWEEPSAVER® tool in the appropriate vent and trim as required for the perfect fit. Then place the shower door bottom sweep back onto the bottom of the door. 

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